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Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletinSaint Teresa of Calcutta Parish Limerick PA Parish Bulletin. Print · Email. To view the current Parish Bulletin, please click this link. To view a past. Church Name Optional. City, State, or Zip. Features Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish. In category Catholic Sun, Oct 25th; Bulletin. Sun, Oct 18th; Bulletin.

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

Please bring a chair for outside mass and be sure to socially distance. Refreshments are not permitted.

Weekly Bulletin

Catholics Vote! Although distinct, they exist jointly in each baptized American Catholic citizen. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops reminds American Catholics that, as citizens of this country, we vote and, as Catholic American citizens, we vote conscientiously because we are here of faith.

In the Catholic Tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue and participation is a moral obligation … rooted in our baptismal commitment to follow Jesus Christ and visit web page bear Christian witness in all we do ibid.

Bishops and ordained clergy clearly have a right blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin their own personal opinions in political matters and a right to express them. They should not blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin their opinions from the pulpit, however, or any other official forum and should refrain from taking an active part in political parties which includes the public endorsement blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin particular candidates for political office.

So, what is the role of check this out ordained clergy as election time rolls around? Clergy and lay people have complementary roles in public life.

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

Together with priests and deacons, assisted by religious and lay blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin of the Church, we are to teach fundamental moral principles that help Catholics form their consciences correctly, to provide guidance on the moral dimensions of public decisions, and to blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin the faithful to carry out their responsibilities in political life.

She cannot and must not replace the State. Yet at the same time alipay users cannot and must not remain on the sidelines in the fight for justice.

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They need to develop, grow, mature and this web page formed as an individual goes through life.

It takes time, learning, blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin, experience and conversation blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin that Catholics please click for source make well-reasoned judgments about real-life situations and be prepared to make good decisions with well-formed consciences when opportunities present themselves.

For Catholics, such preparation begins with a desire to know this web page truth about what is right and wrong.

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

While there are many human moral issues before us and that surface especially in every election cycle, it is important to note that not every moral issue is of equal significance. Issues that directly affect human life. blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

Every human life is sacred, from conception to natural death. That has been and remains firm Catholic teaching based upon sound human reasoning and is, therefore, our most basic principle as Catholics.

At the same time, we cannot dismiss or ignore other serious threats to link life and dignity such as racism, click here environmental crisis, poverty and the death penalty.

Top 10 Inspiring Mother Teresa Quotes

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin efforts to protect the unborn blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin as important as ever, for just as the Supreme Court may allow greater latitude for state laws restricting abortion, state legislators have passed statutes not only keeping abortion legal through all nine months of pregnancy but opening the door to infanticide.

Additionally, abortion contaminates many other important issues by being inserted into legislation regarding euthanasia and assisted suicide, embryonic stem-cell research, immigration, care for the poor, and health care reform Introductory Letter. The Catholic Church teaches that all these practices have profound moral consequences.

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

Religious liberty. It includes not only our freedom to worship but also our freedom to believe in and practice our faith as Americans … or not to believe!

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

The Church teaches that every effort should be made to preserve and support religious liberty. Individuals and communities of faith should not be subject to religious persecution.


Traditional marriage and family life. The disparity between rich and poor. Federal budgets have moral implications and should prioritize the poorest and most vulnerable among us.

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Unemployment, homelessness and inadequate housing are evident throughout our nation, especially in major population centers, and need to be confronted and addressed to ensure economic justice for all. Immigration reform. Article source persons in the United States deserve respect and human compassion.

There has been and remains an ongoing immigration problem in our country that requires a humane solution by our elected government leaders. Racism and inequality.

Liturgy Ministers Sched.

Violence, hatred and crime. Society has a duty to protect and defend its members against violence, hatred and crime. Violence is overcome by peace! Protection link the Environment.

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

The earth was here before us and was given to us. The preceding headings do not represent an exhaustive list of moral issues of major concern to the Catholic Church in our country, clergy and lay faithful alike.

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

War and peace, international relations, educational choice, health care reform, use of print, broadcast and electronic media and a host of other moral and blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin concerns warrant mutual insurance nexus attention as Catholics.

Careful study, civil dialogue and prayerful reflection should accompany our decision making as we consider our support for political parties and candidates for source office.

As American Catholics, we look to the Church blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin its official teachers for clear, careful and consistent presentation and application of principles that undergird, support and protect our Catholic moral and social teachings so that the common good, truth, justice and peace are enhanced, preserved and advanced in American society.

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We should not expect bishops, ordained clergy or other Church blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin to tell us for whom or against whom to vote. May God in whom we trust bless the United States of America.

Both our churches are now set up for socially distant masses. click

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

Please do not sit in the pews that have caution tape on them while in the church. Only two people to a pew, one on each end. If you are from the same family, you are allowed to sit as a family.

Thank you for your cooperation! However, media reports have indicated significant spikes in coronavirus cases in 21 states that have re-opened or relaxed restrictions.

Rectory Office The Rectory Office is currently closed to visitors but our staff will be happy to respond to your messages by phone or email. Our number is Our fax number is Our email is saintteresa stocp.

Please let me know if you need a card, I can place one in the mail to you. Diocese creates weekly resource to help families foster faith at home Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin, April 21, PM Shown is the September 20, edition of the Faith At Home resource.

Three diocesan departments have collaborated on an online resource that helps individuals and families foster faith conversations in the home during the COVID pandemic.

Blessed teresa of calcutta parish bulletin

That guide offered practical advice on how faithful could observe Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum at home. Pastors, parish catechetical leaders and others were appreciative for the guide and praised the ease of sharing it with their communities, Contino said.

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