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New silver coins for 2020

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Jump To Section: Link copied to clipboard. A new American Silver Eagle design will mark the 35th anniversary of the American Eagle coin program next year in The U.

New silver coins for 2020

Mint is introducing new reverse designs for both the Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle to mark the occasion. These changes to the American Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle will create a new standard design for both coins. New Silver Eagle reverse design. Image: United States Mint The new Silver Eagle reverse design will be a break from the past, replacing the original reverse eagle design new silver coins for 2020 a heraldic eagle created by John Mercanti in The SIlver Eagle will also debut a "refreshed" depiction of the famous "Walking Liberty" design on the obverse, based on the original — silver half dollar by Adolph A.

The Mint uses special occasions to revisit historical coin designs that are used on modern coins. Modern technology allowed the Mint to scan Weinman's large master molds of the Walking Liberty half dollar, capturing all the fine details of the artist's original design.

The new dies from these scans will present Weinman's famous design to the public as he originally intended. New silver coins for 2020 Click to see more Eagle Reverse Design The Silver New silver coins click to see more 2020 design change replaces the symbolic "eagle new silver coins for 2020 new silver coins for 2020 and stars" reverse with a dynamic image of a real bald new silver coins for 2020 in flight.

Carrying an oak branch, the eagle is shown flaring its wings to land. The required inscriptions curve around the rim, and are rendered in a new clean, modern style.

Monnaie de Paris - Frappe la Monnaie et les Esprits

Emily Damstra is the artist who created the new American eagle design. Damstra has previously designed coins for the highly-esteemed Royal Canadian Mint, and was contracted through the U.

Mint's artistic infusion program AIP. Her work was chosen among many submissions for proposed reverse designs, judged by an expert panel known as the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee CCAC.

New Anti-Counterfeiting Measures for the Silver Eagle Part of new silver coins for 2020 reason for redesigning the Silver Eagle in is to introduce new anti-counterfeiting measures.


The same is true of the new American Gold Eagle coins. This is an area where the U. Mint has new silver coins for 2020 behind the mints of other nations. The Mint promises multiple anti-counterfeiting measures will be incorporated into both the Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle bullion coins.

Silver Coin Releases - January 2020

Storiqa 2020 of the enhanced security measures for collector versions of American Eagle coins will come when they change to the reverse. New silver coins for 2020 officials did not go into details about the new security features, recent collaborations between the U.

Mint and Royal Canadian Mint go here to the possibility that the RCM will share its world-leading anti-counterfeiting technology with the U. The same can be done new silver coins for 2020 U. This means that some versions of Silver Eagles will be new silver coins for 2020 with both designs.

Michael White, a spokesperson for the mint, explained in an email that the bullion and W proof Silver Eagles from the West Point Mint will be released in January.

They both will carry the old, original design until the middle of the year, then transition to the new new silver new silver coins for 2020 for 2020 design.

Design options

The W Uncirculated Silver Eagle will be released in July, after the redesigned reverse is introduced. This means that it will not be minted with the old new silver coins for 2020 in It is usually released in October, long after the new Silver Eagle reverse will be introduced.

New silver coins for 2020

This means that the S proof and W uncirculated Silver Eagles will be the last mintages of their type to feature the old reverse. Collectors should plan accordingly. There are two Silver Eagles that will also be key dates, being the last year of the old design. Collectors will new silver coins for 2020 want to obtain examples of Silver Eagles with both reverses.

The 2021 Silver Eagle Reverse Design

Here is a quick checklist, new silver coins for 2020 you know which coins you need to buy before they sell click to continue reading more. Technically, it is the modern U.

More than a half billion Silver New silver coins for 2020 have been sold since its introduction in As the first official silver bullion coin of the United States, the Silver American Eagle enjoys unprecedented popularity and liquidity around the world. It is also a widely collected bullion coin.

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