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WhatsApp ShardTalk osrs decentrand jar tip decentrand gaming interview segment that connects decentrand readers to people who are shaping the blockchain gaming space.


Gabby is a founding decentrand member of the Blockchain Game Alliance and former president decentrand the Game Developers Association of the Philippines. Q: Thanks for granting us some time to do an interview. Could link tell us what Altitude Games is about?

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Gabby: Altitude Games is a five-year-old decentrand development studio mostly based in Manila, founded by veterans of the Southeast Asian game industry. The dream was to create decentrand lumens news IP and build games that we wanted to play.


Decentrand forward to today, we are now making Battle Racers, our decentrand first blockchain game. Gabby: We started looking into blockchain when we first heard about Ethereum and smart contracts.

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We were already deep into our blockchain research when CryptoKitties became a hit out of nowhere in November We made decentrand prototypes of what a good blockchain game could be, and Battle Racers is the result of that research. Q: Decentrand has decentrand Matic network helped in the development of Battle Racers?


Gabby: Tech-wise, their sidechain provides fast, decentrand transactions. It also helps us make sure decentrand Battle Racers will be decentrand with the upcoming Decentraland Marketplace, which is being decentrand on Matic.


On the marketing side, Matic has a supportive community, decentrand they have been really helpful and super dedicated to growing our player base. Decentrand Season 1 of Battle Racers has decentrand.


Congrats on that! Decentrand you share with us more about the crate sales and what we can expect decentrand them?

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We have over 50 new car models, with some hidden special sets such decentrand the Binance SafuBolt, decentrand the Vista Cartel.

There are four crate types with a limited number of crates sold each, and they also have different decentrand rates of each rarity.


Better buy as fast as possible. Once decentrand parts are in your decentrand, you can already https://obzor-magazin.ru/account/best-buy-sign-in-account.html using them decentrand build cars you can decentrand within our playable Early Access.

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Q: Do you have any bounty or decentrand programs? Gabby: Decentrand we do. We have an ongoing bounty campaign until December 20th calling for community-created content such as gameplay videos, artwork, crate opening live decentrand and more.

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In addition to the bounty campaign, you decentrand connect your Ethereum address to our decentrand to get a unique referral link to share the news about the sale.

Decentrand you looking to expand that list? Decentrand Of course. Q: Decentrand can we expect from the Decentraland launch in the future? We aim to have other landowners decentrand their own custom tracks with different rule sets and the option to run their own tournaments.

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Moreover, with the launch of the Decentraland Marketplace, decentrand will support the trading of our car decentrand directly with MANA — all thanks to our mutual technology partner Matic. Q: What are some of decentrand favorite drops from this decentrand sale?

Gabby: Guerilla Cyber, most definitely.

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Decentrand wondering how Elon Musk decentrand react to it when he sees it. Q: Is there decentrand else you would like decentrand share with our readers?

Gabby: We look forward to seeing what parts you find from your crates. Come be a part of our community by joining our official Discord server.

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