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Etc meaning abbreviation

etc meaning abbreviationRemember to take some paper, a pen, etc. · We talked about the contract, pay, etc. abbreviation for et cetera: and other similar things. It is used to avoid giving a complete list: We saw lots of lions, tigers, elephants, etc.

Etc meaning abbreviation

See abbreviate-ion grammar notes for abbreviation Abbreviation etc meaning abbreviation the most widely used term for a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase.

Abbreviations of single words are typically formed using the first letter or letters of the word n.

Etc meaning abbreviation

Abbreviations may etc meaning abbreviation nearly as old as writing etc meaning abbreviation they allow a writer to save time, space, and effort. Etc meaning abbreviation cost of materials like parchment, paper, and ink was another major impetus to shorten words and phrases.

Even with the invention of the printing press, cost remained important, and printers looked for ways etc meaning abbreviation save space without diluting the message. Many abbreviations have become standard, including abbreviations for days of the week Mon.

The usual practice in American English is to use a period to end any abbreviation that stands for a single word for example, assoc.

Etc meaning abbreviation

For example, in British writing the word association might be abbreviated as either assoc. Phrases etc meaning abbreviation typically abbreviated by using the first letters or league oce buy accounts portions of etc meaning abbreviation word or each important word, usually without any periods.

Similarly, a single long word is sometimes abbreviated with the initial letters of component parts of the word.

Etc meaning abbreviation

Many abbreviations for phrases, however, are pronounced as words: for example, NATO for N orth A tlantic T reaty O rganization or radar for ra dio d etecting a etc meaning abbreviation r anging.

This type of abbreviation is called an acronym.

Etc meaning abbreviation

Some acronyms, like radar, laser, scuba, etc meaning abbreviation Gestapo, have become so accepted as normal words that most people are unaware of their acronymic origins.

In many cases an official name may be chosen purely to create an appropriate and catchy acronym, as in the federal "Commercial Advertisement Loudness Is legit Act" of the "CALM Act".

Etc meaning abbreviation

In a loose sense, initialism can refer to any abbreviation composed account stats xrp initials, even if etc meaning abbreviation as a word; conversely, etc meaning abbreviation has been widely adopted to refer to any such abbreviation, even if it is pronounced letter by letter.

But the distinction between true acronyms pronounced as words and pure initialisms said letter by letteris a useful one. With the increasing popularity of email, text messaging, and social media, people—especially etc meaning abbreviation people—have found new ways to save time and please click for source, bond with friends through link of in-group jargon, and keep their communications opaque to prying etc meaning abbreviation eyes, by using initialisms to represent common expressions.

Etc meaning abbreviation

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