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Luna e o planeta terra

Os planetas e os planetas anões oficiais do Sistema Solar são, até onde se sabe​, orbitados por Comparação em escala do tamanho de vários satélites naturais com a Terra. Dezenove destes são grandes o (r = retrógrado), Ano da descoberta, Descoberto por, Notas, Ref(s), Planeta Titan in natural color obzor-magazin.ru Planeta Neptuno, o oitavo planeta a contar do Sol e o quarto maior planeta do Sistema Se piensa que su luna se verá desintegrada al unirse al planeta dando Imagem de megapixels é a maior já feita da Terra em apenas um clique.

Abstract: Luna e o planeta terra radiation is necessary for life on Earth. Environmental pollution is contributing to global climate change, in ways such as degrading the atmospheric ozone layer, vital to controlling the type and amount of ultraviolet UV radiation reaching the surface.

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Domestic animals are constantly directly exposed to solar radiation and can consequently develop skin lesions, optical tumors and thermal stress, or even die. UV light produces oxidative stress of the skin due to excessive production of reactive oxygen species ROSwhich can damage cells, causing cell aging or cancer.

Antioxidants neutralize these harmful agents, but their activity decreases with organism age and metabolic state. Understanding the effects of UV radiation on the health of domestic animals is vital since it can have substantial luna e o planeta terra impacts on producers, compromise animal welfare and the quality and safety of animal-origin products.

Those environments and animal species which receive direct luna e o planeta terra radiation have been changed as a result.

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Livestock species are particularly vulnerable click excess exposure to solar radiation can cause skin lesions, optic tumors, caloric luna e o planeta terra or even death, luna e o planeta terra substantial consequent btc wallet account losses in the industry 3.

Types of radiation Https://obzor-magazin.ru/account/myetherwallet-chrome-extension-safe.html can be defined as energy that travels from one paypal security check verify to another, as well as any energy that propagates in wave or particle form through space 4.

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Sun is generally characterized by frequency and wavelength Figure 1and can be classified based on two criteria: 1 By its nature: There are electromagnetic radiations 56such as wave-propagated radiations gamma rays, X-rays ; ultraviolet radiations UVA, UVB, UVC ; visible radiation violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red ; infrared radiation; and radio frequencies radar, microwave.

Photon energy is too weak to break chemical bonds but it has biological effects such as heating and induction of electrical currents in tissues and cells 8.

The ionizing or non-ionizing character of a radiation is independent of its corpuscular or electromagnetic nature 9.

Ionizing radiations include alpha and beta radiation, cosmic rays, gamma rays, X rays, and a portion of the UV spectrum, among others. Examples of non-ionizing radiations are UV, visible and infrared rays and radio, TV or mobile telephony waves 789.

The latter possesses the highest energy but is absorbed by the atmospheric ozone layer, as long as it remains intact, and luna e o planeta terra has no adverse effects on life forms. If the ozone layer were to degenerate even slightly UVC could begin to cause harmful effects.

The UVB is involved in formation of photoproducts and other complexes which impair nucleic acids, with long-term consequences, and are directly related to various skin neoplasms caused by repeated or frequent burns on the epidermis Any cytotoxicity caused by the UVA is mainly mediated by photosensitizing endogenous molecules, which absorb photons and generate reactive oxygen species, generating direct damage to the dermis and premature aging 13 The remaining percentage corresponds to myriad trace gases, including miniscule amounts of ozone at a concentration of no more than a few molecules per million air particles 0.

However, ozone is essential to preserving life as we know luna e o planeta terra on the planet because it protects life forms from UV radiation, an important physical carcinogen in both terrestrial and marine animals 16 The ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms O3 and is this web page mainly in two places within luna e o planeta terra atmosphere.

The best known ODS are chlorofluorocarbons CFCwhich were used https://obzor-magazin.ru/account/great-collections.html the manufacture of aerosols, refrigerators and air conditioning equipment until banned in The CFC are extremely reactive; for example, a single chlorine molecule can destroy a thousand ozone molecules 1 Formation of ozone molecules is a slow process and as ODS concentrations have luna e o planeta terra in the atmosphere overall ozone concentration decreases until a new equilibrium is reached between formation speed and degradation 1617 Solar radiation is one of the main environmental factors affecting life on the planet.

It governs the functioning of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems through control of photobiological processes e. These luna e o planeta terra turn influence other environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and natural cycles daily, annual and hydric cycles which finally affect organism distribution 19 This makes life possible on Earth but can be detrimental to it at high intensities or click the proportion of shortwave radiation surpasses certain limits.

High intensity radiation and changes in the spectral composition can affect significant processes in organisms 19 These wavelengths range from to nm and are used by plants in photosynthesis.

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Another range is the photobiological range, from to 1, nm Only 1. Animal skin physiology In animals the skin https://obzor-magazin.ru/account/ardor-altcoin.html the luna e o planeta terra surface and is in direct contact with the external environment.

It consists of three strata that harbor additional structures such as sweat and sebaceous glands The luna e o planeta terra protects against mechanical, physical and chemical threats from the environment 2223 ; for example, skin thickness often increases at points regularly subjected to mechanical compression e.

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It is also relatively impervious to microorganisms and many poisonous and noxious substances. The skin protects against radiation 23mainly solar radiation of different wavelengths.

For this reason in many animal species its superficial stratum, the epidermis, produces pigments melanin granules that impede the penetration of radiations to deeper tissues.

An example is the skin of the polar bear which has white refractory fur and black protective luna e o planeta terra as an adaptation to an intense luminous environment subject to direct solar radiation and indirect radiation reflected from ice and snow Sweat and sebaceous luna e o planeta terra in the skin reach the surface through glandular ducts, making this an please click for source tissue Cutaneous sebum is a mixture of lipids secreted by the sebaceous glands aimed at protecting the skin from moisture and conferring it pliability and resistance The skin plays an important role in animal growth or somatic body development because it is the primary storage area and activation site of vitamin D Entering the organism as D2 ergocalciferol or D3 cholecalciferoldepending on its source, Vitamin D reaches skin tissues via the blood.

Here it is stored as calciferol or a precursor, and is transformed into cholecalciferol by UV rays from the Sun.

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The cholecalciferol luna e o planeta terra to the circulatory system, passes through the liver and finally arrives in the kidneys where the parathormone PTH effect transmutes it into the vitamin D hormone 1, dihydroxycholecalciferol.

This hormone acts in the intestinal mucosa by stimulating luna luna e o planeta terra o planeta terra absorption of calcium, thus preventing rickets Skin histology Total cutaneous area varies by animal species; for example, in adult humans it is estimated to be up to 2 m2.

Certain portions of read article skin of different animals generate specialized formations such as hair, feathers, click the following article, luna e o planeta terra, or hooves, and the presence of sweat and sebaceous glands can range from numerous, to scarce or absent Skin thickness in a given organism can vary but is generally thicker on body dorsal surfaces and limb lateral surfaces, and thinner on body ventral surfaces and limb medial surfaces.

These general trends can differ by species, breed and sex In mammals, the thinnest skin areas average from 0.

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The skin is divided into three strata: epidermis, the epithelial or surface stratum; dermis, the connective or deep intermediate luna e o planeta terra and hypodermis, the subcutaneous cellular tissue Figure 2 25 Epidermis: consists of keratinized stratified layered epithelium; Dermis: connective tissue; Hypodermis: fatty tissue.

Technique: paraffin, hematoxilin-eosine This consists of keratinized stratified layered epithelium, and is generally divided into five strata: stratum germinativum, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum and stratum corneum 2526 This connective layer is divided into two regions, the papillary immediately below the epidermis, and the deeper reticular.

Named for the numerous papillae projecting from it into the epidermis, the papillary region consists of a dense weave of irregular lax fibrous connective tissue with trophic functions. Its thickness varies widely between species, being thicker in ungulates than in carnivores 25 - This layer is mostly connective tissue that adheres the skin learn more here the bones and muscles.

Its primary function is to dampen luna e o planeta terra pressures and allow free movement of the skin over underlying structures.


Adipose tissue is present in this layer, from small groups of cells to large masses in the form of pillows luna e o planeta terra fat pads. In temperate climes, luna e o planeta terra hypodermis carries out a thermoregulatory function by increasing in thickness in the winter to retain heat 24 Ancillary structures such hooves, nails, https://obzor-magazin.ru/account/nerdwallet-business-account.html and spurs originate in keratinization processes in the read article corneum and have different thicknesses and consistencies 24 Hairs are epidermal formations that, in most mammals, are present over the entire skin surface save on specialized skin tissues such luna e o planeta terra the pads of paws, palms of hands, hooves, fingernails, part of the lips of the mouth, the glans, the inner surface of the foreskin, the vulvar labia, the nipples and the contact surface of luna e o planeta terra limbs.

A hair has a root, a stem and a tip, which protrudes from the skin. Hair roots are surrounded by an invagination of epidermal strata spinosum and germinativum into the dermis that reaches the papillary region and thus accesses the blood vessels therein The cortical and medullary layers of hair occur in different proportions in different species.

For instance, the hair lining the skin of horses, bovines, dogs and pigs has a thicker cortical layer than the hair of goats and cats.

Also, the fine curly hairs of sheep and pigs, manifest in hedgehogs continue reading porcupines as sharp hairs known as thorns or barbs.

Hair is generally very fine in young animals and practically lacks marrow 24252829 Adaptations of the skin in response to environmental conditions Evolutionary, morphophysiological adaptation of skin to environmental conditions involves the morphological peculiarities luna e o planeta terra the skin and its ability to allow thermal adjustments to environmental variables and thus regulate organism temperature An excellent example is variation luna e o planeta terra skin thickness among and between bovine breeds.

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Histological studies comparing Zebu cattle Bos indicusand Holstein breeds Bos Taurus have found that skin thickness is not homogeneous across the read more surface in the same areas among animals of the same species but different breeds, and can even vary with age.

One study of 21 regions on the skin of Holstein-Friesian cattle Bos taurus found that skin thickness as see luna e o planeta terra by skin fold changed within the same area and that overall thickness increased with age.

An analysis of different macro- and microscopic skin structures in Holstein and Zebu cows found the Zebu to be better adapted to high temperatures 28 This breed has shorter, thicker hair, luna e o planeta terra overall skin thickness with a thinner epidermis and a deeper click at this page dermis, a larger number of sweat glands exhibiting dermal implantation, and consequently a luna e o planeta terra excretory surface and glandular density per area Luna e o planeta terra contrast Holstein-Friesian is a dairy breed characterized by thinner skin luna e o planeta terra a thicker epidermis and finer reticulate dermis.

Even the shape of sweat glands differs between the breeds with sweat glands in the Holstein having a tubular shape here varying degrees of torsion and those in the Zebu a more sack-like shape.

In the latter breed they are also more concentrated, ensuring more efficient heat dissipation and thus greater tolerance to tropical temperatures 28 This occurs because UV rays damage cell DNA 33which induces the cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers CPDpyrimidine 6,4 and pyrimidinone 6,4 PPwhich cause negative effects such as inhibition of replication and transcription, increased mutations, halting of the cell cycle and cell death One disease associated with these factors is squamous cell carcinoma SCC -also known as epidermoid carcinoma 34 - a malignant tumor affecting keratinocytes in the epidermis 3536that is locally invasive but not necessarily metastatic 33but can compromise the dermis Found mainly in bovine species, these tumors are most frequent in the Hereford, Simmental and Holstein breeds, all of which luna e o planeta terra white skin without pigmentation, particularly in the eyes 34 This condition causes heavy financial losses due to eye cancer, known also as pink eye, which is common in these breeds It is genetic in origin but associated with UV exposure.

Older individuals are most affected although younger ones can also develop it, especially those with a white face and luna e o planeta terra pigment Felids and canids are also at risk 4041but it is uncommon in sheep and pigs 3335 The most sensitive horse breeds are Belgian, Clydesdale, Shire and Appaloosa, in which lesions appear largely in muco-cutaneous regions e.

Lesions in canids occur most frequently on the trunk, limbs, luna e o planeta terra, lips and nail bed 38while click here felids they are mostly on the face and ears of white-haired individuals Exposure to UV light can also cause melanocytomas, formed in melanocytes in the epidermis, this web page cells that provide pigmentation to the skin, eyelashes and hairs Called melanomas in other domestic animals, they are usually malignant, are common in canids and equids, and are rare in cats and other species 4143 In dogs melanomas account for 4.

Melanoma incidence in canids also varies by breed, being more frequent in those with marked cutaneous pigmentation, such as the Schnauzer or Scottish Terrier 45 The Irish Setter and Golden Retriever exhibit a higher incidence of subnail melanomas, and the Irish Setter, Chihuahua, Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel have a greater risk of labial melanomas 45 The German Shepherd and Boxer have a higher risk of developing oral melanomas 47 Age at melanoma appearance ranges from 1 to 17 yr with an average of Incidence is higher in males than https://obzor-magazin.ru/account/my-btc-account.html Ocular and cutaneous melanomas are more common than intraoral ones 52 The most common locations on the skin are the head, tail, distal extremities and lumbar area 4653 Prognosis is often poor given that half of cases exhibit recurrence and regional metastases 4654

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