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bot studiostogether once again to create and tell the stories they wanted to share with the world, and thus A-BOT Studios was born. FB · IG · YT. © ABOT Studios Moonbot Studios is a multi-platform storytelling studio specializing in feature-​quality animation, traditional publishing and game development.

For over 10 years, we have continued to provide cutting-edge concept designs, illustrations, and 3D art for multiple facets of the entertainment industry.

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In the cinematic world, we have had the honor of working on projects such as Jurassic World, Pacific Rim, and Battle Angel: Alita, bot studios numerous others. Through our work, a story is told.

Bot studios

This centralized storytelling element is the key to enriching our work. Adaptable We see ourselves like a high-grade multi-tool: touting a wide array of specialized functions and abilities which can bot studios used to perfectly meet the needs of each unique client bot studios project.

Bot studios

Methodical At our disposal, we hold battle tested methodologies bot studios we have obtained through our many years of experience.

Utilizing this at a level that goes above bot studios beyond expectations. Experienced We are proud to have over 10 years of experience in bot studios entertainment field, with works ranging from blockbuster films, prime bot studios, and commercials, to AAA games and virtual reality.

Bot studios

The origin bot studios Gadget-Bot "Gadget" — Bot bot studios convenient bot studios, often novel in design, with a large array of functions.

A multi-faceted device designed with ease in mind. This is how we see our name, and ourselves.

Bot studios

Through our years of experience, and our highly refined bot studios, we bot studios able to find a solution for any design problem with ease. As for the "bot" part of Gadget-Bot? Well, we just really like robots.

Bot studios

How We Work Our Design Process Before any project can begin, we first take the time to gather as much information as possible from you, our client. Investigate We will sit down with you to discuss and understand your specialized needs, and bot studios better understand the story behind the project.

Design Now that we have a story, and we've tracked down inspiration, we can bot studios to sketch bot studios concepts based directly on the story you are trying to tell.

Bot studios

Delivery Every single design we take on is checked to here it meets the bot studios standards we place upon bot studios.

Does the more info tell a story to the bot studios Who we've worked with.

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